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Kindergarten Matije Gupca was founded in 1954.,but the beginnings take place in 1929. It has a total of 4 separate facilities (one central and three branch facilities) in City of Zagreb. About 420 children aged from one year to school are enrolled in 17 groups of full-time programs and two groups of pre-school program. We have 60 employees, out of which 39 are preshool teachers and 4 members of a professional team-professional associates (pedagogue, psychologist, speech therapist, health manager). We are particularly proud of the 8000 m2 playground in central facility, which offers the possibility of high quality outdoor time.


In 15 educational groups, we carry out a 10-hour comprehensive development program for children from one year to school. In the two mixed groups of children (from 3 years to school) we have a full-day special program of Early Learning English. We also have 5 groups of shorter program of Early Learning English language (60 hours per year). In two branch facilities, we have a Preschool Program (250 hours a year) obligatory for children in the year before going to school. The kindergarten also has program for potentially gifted children integrated within the regular program. Children with disabilities are included in our educational process through various integration models within the regular program. All children with special needs are monitored by members of professional team and preschool teachers in cooperation with parents and external experts from other institutions. In addition to the above mentioned programs, we are implementing a Child Assault Prevention Program (CAP) for children in year before going to school. We also implement the 5 day "Children in Nature" program, which is also intended for children a year before going to school. The program is implemented outside kindergarten in the vicinity of the city in a natural environment.
With the aim of enriching the educational work and the quality achievement of the set goals and tasks, the program is complemented by additional contents. The most common ones are theatrical performances, visits to cultural and social institutions of educational content, cooperation with other educational institutions, targeted meetings with children of interesting persons etc. Children and employees participate in projects that, apart from having an educational role, also have a humanitarian dimension and are intended for sensitizing children for needs of others. Some of the projects are: "Evening of Mathematics", "Theater for Children", "Schools for Africa". Support for sustainable development is conducted through direct activities with children with special emphasis on life-practical activities that encourage the child to proactively engage with the natural environment.

Through internal forms of training we analyze our own pedagogical practice, exchange views and opinions, thereby enriching our daily work, encouraging creativity and innovativeness of teachers. We support our teachers to attend seminars and lectures inside and outside the preschool. Adopting new knowledge based on the achievements of modern pedagogical practice contributes to the competences of teachers to respond to the challenges of childhood growth in the today’s dynamic conditions.
With the introduction of the Republic of Croatia into the great European community, various opportunities for professional development and cooperation have been opened up. Thanks to the initiative of our teachers, we have been using Comenius and e-Twinning portal since 2012. These first experiences have strengthened us in applying for projects under the Erasmus+ program. So far we participated in two projects (KA1- Professional Development and KA2 - Strategic Partnerships). We are constantly developing new ideas and apply projects in the cooperation of teachers and professional team members. Precious knowledge gained through job shadowing and structured courses have enriched our pedagogical practice and contributed to the development of various competencies of teachers and children. Our employees conduct the dissemination of acquired knowledge, skills and abilities through various forms and contents at local, regional and national level. The teachers and professional associates are users of e-Twinning Portal, School Education Gateway and EPALE.

In the implementation and development of curriculum, parents of children also play an important role. Through communication parents' meetings we approach parents with different, current topics, with the possibility of exchanging opinions and attitudes. In this way, we directly contribute to respect for the parentage role and strengthen our mutual trust. Preparation and implementation of workshops and meetings for parents is a team work of professional team members and teachers. Collaboration with parents is also realized through individual conversations between parents and teachers on progress, responses and child development, during the pedagogical year.
We create the entire educational environment according to the fundamental goals of the National Early and Pre-School Curriculum, which emphasizes the importance of ensuring child wellbeing and full development, upbringing and learning of children and developing their competences. In our kindergarten we consider the process by combining everyday life situations with planned situations of learning. The kindergarten as a place of living and meeting of children and adults provides opportunities for creating an environment that puts the child in an active position and enables him to satisfy his needs, interests and rights. The pedagogical and educational tasks we want to achieve or improve in each pedagogical year are defined by the Annual Plan and Program of the Kindergarten. We carry out and improve the overall educational process in the teamwork of teachers and professional associates (pedagogue, psychologist, speech therapist and health manager). Professional associates (professional team members), along their daily tasks, work together with the teachers to improve certain conditions and to provide support for each child's upbringing.
We also cooperate successfully with the Faculty of Teachers Education, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb- with the aim of exchange of knowledge, research implementation and student practices.


The comprehensive curriculum is aimed at developing values that respect and connect the child, the family, and the community. In the past few years, kindergarten has been working with the local community with the aim of involving community members in individual projects or activities. Various activities and events are organized within the City of Zagreb Days, Europe Day, holidays and other important days for the City of Zagreb or the city district. We have been working with the Knežija Library for many years. We have jointly realized many successful projects such as: exhibitions of children's works, organization of educational workshops, visits and social gatherings. With the schools within the community, we have established a high-quality cooperation through visits of children and professional staff, organization of professional conferences and thematic parenting meetings as well as exchange of experiences.



  • e-Twinning Projects: Christmas Greeting Cards, European Calendar, Celebrate with e-Twinning, European Youth Murals
  • Erasmus+ (KA1) project: Using our senses to learn about the world (June 1st 2014 - May 31th2014)
  • Erasmus+ (KA2) project: Early Learn to Learn Environment- EL2LE (September 1st 2014 - August 31th 2014)

  • Erasmus+ (KA1) project: Different approaches to creative teaching in early and pre-school age children (June 5th 2017 - June 4th 2019)

  • Erasmus+ (KA2) project: Moving and Learning Outside- MLO (October 15th 2017- April 14th 2020)


In our kindergarten happy children play and learn, while successful and competent employees work in co-operation and partnership with parents. The openness to continuous learning, the acquisition of contemporary knowledge and skills, the connection with the pedagogical practices of other countries through international cooperation and projects is our reality and vision of the future.

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